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CLEANSE.FRESHEN.GO.™ (CFG) Fast, effective dental appliance cleaning for retainers, aligners, nightguards, mouthguards, partials and more… Towelette or Spray. Compact, discrete, portable.

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Clinically Proven‘Clinically Proven’ to Kill Bacteria and Odors.
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Recommended by DentistsThe “On the Go Cleaner” recommended by dentists.
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Powerful, Portable and Proven Dental Appliance Cleaners.

At last, you can wear your appliances because you finally have a quick and easy way to keep them clean!

Cleanse.Freshen.Go.™ Cleaning Spray and Cleansing Towelettes offer a faster, more effective way to clean removable dental appliances. Clinically proven to kill harmful bacteria including candida albicans.

Use Cleanse.Freshen.Go. Cleansers when you need them, regardless of where you are. Your life is busy, but you don’t need to sacrifice on clean. Save time and say goodbye to bulky machines and soaking!

An Innovative, Revolutionary Approach to a Healthier Smile.

Simplify your cleaning regimen and save valuable time with easy to use, ‘no soak’ Cleanse.Freshen.Go™ Dental Appliance cleaners. In just minutes you can kill and remove harmful and odor-causing bacteria, plaque, stains and offensive odors from your orthodontic retainer, Invisalign type aligner, nightguard, sleep appliance, or other dental appliance.

Quickly eliminate bad appliance breath and enjoy exciting mint freshness, and clean feeling appliances with confidence. Use, Cleanse.Freshen.Go. Towelettes throughout the day, along the way. You’re on the go, take it with you.

A Better, Quicker Way To Clean… Safe, Effective and FDA Approved.

Cleanse.Freshen.Go.™ Cleaners offers significant value over alternatives. See how alternatives compare:

  • Simple water and brushing isn’t enough to kill bacteria and remove plaque, stains and odors.
  • Toothpastes aren’t for aligners, and can be abrasive and messy.
  • Chemical soaks are lengthy, can damage and discolor or leave bad odor and taste.
  • Machines are costly, require a power source, take up counter space and require maintenance.


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Cleanse Freshen Go Retainer Cleaning Spray

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Cleanse Freshen Go Retainer Cleaning Solution

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Cleanse Freshen Go Saves Time

Save Time with Cleanse.Freshen.Go.

Cleanse.Freshen.Go.™ says it all. Cleanse.Freshen.Go.™ Cleansers are anti-bacterial solutions that deliver real cleaning results, even while on the go.