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Highly effective, antibacterial, non soaking, Cleanse.Freshen.Go. Cleansers are recommended for oral appliance care by both orthodontic and dental professionals. 

Cleanse.Freshen.Go.™ Dental Appliance Cleaners were designed by Oral Health Technologies, whose founders were former senior management at Oral B, makers of dental care products, and Align Technology, makers of “Invisalign.”  Created to meet the growing need for improved hygiene and appliance care, the cleaners address patients’ needs for cleaning speed and ease of use.  Now patients can enjoy more convenient methods of oral hygiene with practical solutions for the busy nature of their daily lives.

If you have questions about Cleanse.Freshen.Go.™ products, please write to:

Oral Health Technologies, LLC
650 Castro Street., #120-498
Mountain View, CA, 94041

Enjoy the convenience of no waiting in lines, lightening fast check out and receiving great products delivered right to your door.

Ways to Order:– Visit us via the internet at 24 hours a day/7 days a week- Call us Toll-Free at: 1.866.507.5552 (Monday – Friday 9-5 PST)- Fax: us at: 1.800.403.0589

Shipping & Handling Fees: A shipping & handling fee will be charged based on the total weight and destination of the shipment.

Convenient Ongoing Order Plans: If you would like to customize a shipping schedule for ongoing orders, we can establish a convenient shipping plan. To set up this plan, simply provide us with the number of each product you desire in a particular month. You may customize your shipment dates to meet your needs for each item ordered. These plans will automatically renew, unless you otherwise specify. Call 1.866.507.5552 for more details.

OHT reserves the right to change product prices, terms and policies at any time without notice. Product availability is subject to change without notice.