Q: What is Cleanse.Freshen.Go™? A: Cleanse.Freshen.Go Dental Appliance Spray and Cleansing Towelettes are faster, more convenient ways to clean dental appliances without soaking. They are uniquely portable, powerful dental cleaners that kill harmful bacteria, remove odors and build up, and leave your mouth feeling fresh.

Q: Are the Cleanse.Freshen.Go products Food and Drug Administration approved? A: Yes, The Food and Drug Administration has cleared Cleanse.Freshen.Go.™ for over-the-counter use as a removable anti-bacterial dental appliance cleaner and has been judged by the FDA to be a safe and effective, over-the-counter product.

Q: What makes Cleanse.Freshen.Go revolutionary? A: The Cleanse.Freshen.Go. Dental Appliance Cleansing Towelette is one-of-a kind. It is the only FDA cleared dental appliance cleaner in a microtextured towelette form for use on removable dental appliances. The Cleaning Spray is also unique as the only cleared liquid spray for use on removable dental appliances. These products were designed for frequent everyday cleaning, are fast acting, and don’t involve soaking.

Q: Which Cleanse.Freshen.Go Cleaning product should I use?
A: Cleanse. Freshen. Go  Cleansers are available as two different products with different forms so you can choose the cleaning and freshening routine that’s best for you. Both are abrasive free and don’t contain any dyes. They both kill bacteria, removing stains and odors. The Microtextured Towelette is portable and disposable and doesn’t require rinsing, and cleans and reaches into crevices that brushes may miss, leaving a feeling of natural mint freshness. The Cleaning Spray coats the appliance with a powerful natural mint formula that provides an active bubbling experience with brushing, leaving it sparkling clean.

Q: I heard you don’t have to rinse your appliance after using the Towelette? Is that true? A: Yes, the cleaner is formulated so that can clean your appliance and reinsert it in your mouth immediately after doing so. Take it with you, simply clean wherever and whenever you need to, and then dispose of the towelette when you’re done.

Q: I’ve been using toothpaste to clean my appliances. Should I replace my toothpaste with Cleanse.Freshen.Go products? A: Yes, and this is the reason: Toothpastes, which use abrasive, will scratch plastic appliances, creating areas for bacteria to cling to and grow. That bacteria is a source of bad breath. Cleanse.Freshen.Go Cleaners are non-abrasive, so it won’t scratch your appliances. It offers powerful fast cleaning action to remove plaque, odors, stains and kill bacteria.

Q: What are the benefits of using Cleanse.Freshen.Go Towelette?A: Cleanse.Freshen.Go Towelette offers a fast, convenient all-in-one portable solution that doesn’t require brushes or water to rinse.

  • Portable & Disposable – you take it with you, but you don’t take it home.
  • No brushing or rinsing required – it’s an all-in-one solution that safely cleans.
  • Abrasive-Free: It contains no abrasive ingredients that can scratch and dull appliances.
  • Dye Free- It contains no dyes that can affect clear plastic and alter color.
  • Freshens Breath: Natural mint formula kills odor-causing bacteria and leaves your breath feeling fresh.
  • Microcleans: Microtextured towelette reach places brushed miss, lifts away build up and bacteria, leaving your appliance fresh.

Q: What are the benefits of using Cleanse.Freshen.Go Cleaning Spray?A: Only Cleanse.Freshen.Go offers a portable solution that easily fits in your pocket.

  • Portable – easily fits into pocket or purse for your oral appliance hygiene – anywhere, anytime.
  • Abrasive-Free: It contains no abrasive ingredients. Most toothpastes contain abrasives that can scratch and dull dentures and promote bacteria build-up.
  • Dye Free- It contains no dyes that can affect clear plastic and alter color.
  • Freshens Breath: Unique breath-freshening formula kills odor-causing bacteria and leaves your breath feeling fresh. Microcleans: Active foam easily penetrates into crevices to microclean away tough stains and plaque.

Q: How do Cleanse.Freshen.Go Cleansers help freshen breath?A: Cleanse.Freshen.Go Cleansers contains a unique combination of all natural mint flavor oils and kill odor-causing bacteria. The mint oils linger on your appliance even after rinsing.

Q: What are Cleanse.Freshen.Go Dental Appliance Cleansers designed to clean?  A:  They are designed to safely clean both metal and plastic removable dental appliances out of the mouth.

Q: Is it safe to use Cleanse.Freshen.Go Cleansers on removable appliances every day? A: Yes, and even more regularly. In fact most doctors encourage frequent cleaning for better hygiene. All of the ingredients used in the Cleanse.Freshen.Go Towelette and Spray are entirely safe for daily use on removable dental appliances.

Q: How many uses are there in each bottle of Cleanse.Freshen.Go Spray?A: Each 2 fl.oz. bottle of Cleanse.Freshen.Go contains at least 60 uses when used as directed.

Q: How many uses are there in each box of Cleanse.Freshen.Go Towelettes? A: There are 20 Towelettes contained in each box. Each Towelette can be used for an upper and lower appliance cleaning.

Q: Where is the product manufactured? A: Cleanse.Freshen.Go Cleansers are made in the USA.