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Customer Reviews

Stephen Cupertino, CA.

I love this spray. It smells great. Because it has no dyes I don’t worry about it with my clear appliances.

Anne H., San Francisco, CA.

I use it several times a day to remove odors.It works really well – my aligners get a necessary freshen up, and my mouth feels fresh too.

Susan, San Ramon, CA.

I love that it kills germs so that I know that I can quickly clean my aligner. And pop it back in after I pick it up off the table.

Ron L., Novato, CA.

The towelettes are excellent when you are in a public restaurant. I no longer have to go the the restroom and wash out Invisalign. Now I can have privacy without people seeing me clean my trays.

Shane R., Henderson, NV.

The spray takes the guesswork out of what to clean my aligners with and it gets the aligners cleaner than before.

Jessica D., Las Vegas, NV.

I like the towelettes because I can really get all over the aligner and make sure it is really clean.

Dental Reviews

Dr. David Chenin, DDS, MSD – Chenin Orthodontics http://www.cheninortho.com/

“Our patients love the spray because they see that it disinfects and cleans better than the traditional soap and water technique. The wipes are loved by our patients who are always on the go and need to have their aligners freshened while they are on the move!”

Dr. Bert Rouleau, DMD, MS – Rouleau Orthodontics http://rouleauortho.com/

“We buy and sell Cleanse.Freshen.Go for our Orthodontic office. We’ve had nothing but raving good reviews from our patients and staff. It’s a great and easy way of cleaning or just simply freshening up your aligners or retainers.”

Dr. Robert Van den Berg, DDS, MS – Pacific Coast Orthodontics http://pacificcoastorthodontics.com

Cleanse.Freshen.Go is that easy! While in orthodontic treatment, it is so important to keep up on oral hygiene. With Cleanse.Freshen.Go you’re able to keep your retainers or Invisalign clean at all times. Our patients really, really love the Towelettes and Spray! The Towelettes are so simple. You wipe and pop back in your appliance. ( YaY!) The spray is like detailing your car – you Brush.Rinse.Go. It’s a great tool for using first thing in the morning and right before bed. It’s that easy and it works great!
Thank you, for enabling us to provide such fantastic products in our office. Not only are we all fans, but our patients are too!