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Dental Appliance Cleanser

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Did you know? Both the CFG Spray and Towelettes meet TSA Flight guidelines and can be packed in your carry-on bags.

  • Fast, powerful cleaning action
  • Kills germs and harmful bacteria and removes plaque, odors and stains
  • Safe, effective and FDA Approved.
  • Non Toxic. Safe on both metal and plastic appliances.
  • No dyes or abrasives. No bad chemical smell or taste.
  • Persulfate Free. (a known allergen) Why is this important? To see related FDA report, click here

A Stress-Free Solution for Cleaner Dental Appliances.

Cleaning alone with water can’t kill germs, and soaking is time consuming. Kill germs and save time with quick, convenient, and easy to use Cleanse.Freshen.Go. Spray.

You will love that there are no preparation steps and no bulky containers. No need to combine chemicals or add water; nor measure, shake or soak.

You simply spray, scrub then rinse.

Whatever the reason to clean, Cleanse.Freshen.Go. Dental Appliance Cleaner Spray is your convenient, effective solution.

Cleanse.Freshen.Go Dental Appliance Spray

  • Fast, powerful cleaning action.
  • Portable pump spray, fits in pockets.
  • Easy to use, with quick cleaning coverage.
  • Gentle foaming action releases minty freshness.
  • A Better, Quicker Way To Clean… Safe, Effective and FDA Approved.
  • You want to kill germs, remove bacteria and odors and not scratch or discolor your appliance.
  • You prefer not to soak or deal with bulky machines and containers.
  • You wish to be discrete about your cleaning regimen at home or in public locations.