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Cleansing Towelettes

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Did you know? CFG Towelettes are a fast way to clean ‘on the go’ and easy to pack in a lunch box or gym bag.

  • Fast, powerful cleaning action.
  • Kills germs and harmful bacteria and removes plaque, odors and stains
  • Safe, effective and FDA Cleared.
  • Non Toxic. Safe on both metal and plastic appliances.
  • No dyes or abrasives. No bad chemical smell or taste.
  • Persulfate Free. (a known allergen) Why is this important? To see related FDA report, click here

Dental Appliance Cleaning Made Quick & Simple.

Don’t wait until you get home to clean your appliance; or try to ignore unpleasant odors throughout the day from your worn appliance.

Use Cleanse.Freshen.Go.™ Towelettes as part of your daily regimen to quickly eliminate germs, build-up, and odors.  Simply wipe clean and wear. The “No rinsing required’ Cleansing Towelettes are a fast, discrete and disposable solution for anyone with a removable dental appliance. For kids or adults, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Cleanse.Freshen.Go. Cleansing Towelettes

  • Ideal for an active lifestyle. Convenient compact size goes anywhere you go.
  • Minty, micro textured Towelette traps as it cleans, reaching crevices brushes often miss.
  • Disposable. No Rinsing required.
  • Freshens, removes surface stains
  • Protects from buildup of plaque and odors.

The discrete and portable Towelette. You don’t need water to rinse!

At home, school or work, you now have a quick and simple one-step way to clean your appliances,
even while on the go.